About Us

DontDump.co.uk is a known Subsidiary of EBS Recycling in Partnership with Alupro and www.everycancounts.co.uk

In May 2013 EBS Recycling set up the www.dontdump.co.uk website to give the corporate world an outlet for their recycling needs.
Normally most waste costs a fortune to get rid of! Not anymore. EBS Recycling will recycle much of your waste products and in some cases EVEN PAY YOU FOR IT!

We began as a brother and sister start-up in December 2012 and along with other recognisable brands we are trying to lead the way in "Go Green" technology!

In January 2014 every commercial company in the UK will be responsible for recycling their own waste as much as possible. As licensed waste handlers we are your "Go Too" company for recycling in the Essex, Kent and London areas.

Our Services

At EBS Recycling we don’t just want to recycle your drinks cans. We want to recycle all your waste products.

We can even pay you for your waste! We collect as often as required and supply bins and bags too. Our aim is to be your ONE STOP SHOP for recycling!

The items we recycle are:
Metal, Appliances, Computer Equipment, Cardboard, Paper, Drinks Cans, Electricals, Clear Shrink Wrap and lots more. We also provide clearance services in and around the Essex / London Areas.

We are licensed waste carriers /brokers / dealer No: CB/PM3788DG

Our Partners

EBS RECYCLING was formed in 2012 with the sole aim of making the Recycling Business professional. Following spates of thefts from Railways, People’s homes and businesses alike EBS Services was born. In tough economic times and times of environmental awareness we believe EBS Recycling can be a successful business and serve the community well.

Brother and Sister Andrew and Samantha Reeve together with Ron Bowles are the founders of the business who named the company in the honour of their Grandfather Herbert Frederick Earl

EVERY CAN COUNTS aims to make it easier to recycle your drink cans and make a difference.

The partnership between drink can manufacturers and the recycling industry, aims to encourage you to recycle more whether it be at work, at college, at an event or festival or whilst your out and about.


EBS Recycling
Every Can Counts


When you sign up to the WWW.DONTDUMP.CO.UK program you will be sent your starter pack FREE OF CHARGE This will provide you with everything you need to get started saving cans and recycling within your company!


We provide an end to end service and collect from your establishment on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on your use.

It does not stop there. If you find your bins or storage is full you can request a collection and we will book you in as soon as possible.

ALSO we can recycle your other items at the same time saving you space, time and money!


In your starter pack you will be sent up to 3 bins, completely free of charge to place at strategic point around your work environment!

These bins are made of recycled card board and just pop up with a lid fixed on the top.
They are very lightweight and are designed to ensure everyone knows what they are for to encourage them to recycle as many cans as possible.


To help you become a "Recycling Champion" we can provide you with as many Machine Stickers, Window Stickers, Bin Stickers, Shelf Danglers and Table centres as you need to really push the message home about recycling.

If you need more just ask and we will get some directly sent to you ASAP

The more you recycle the better your yearly recycling certificate will look. This is a massive plus as all consumers are really aware of the need to protect the environment!


Also in your starter pack you have free bin bags provided for your first full bags of recycling.

Every time our collecting agent collects your recycling he will leave you with some more clear bags so you can continue to recycle without costing you a penny.

Don’t forget the more you fill, the better you feel, and the more happy your customer is that you’re making a real effort to go green!